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Welcome to KB Contracting & Quarries Ltd.

KB Contracting and Quarries Limited is a civil contracting company, which specialises in new urban road construction and reconstruction work.

We have 40 years experience on road reconstruction work in and around Christchurch. We provide a variety of earthmoving services in the construction of subdivisions and other large-scale operations. We have our own quarries and source and process aggregates to support our contracting projects.

We have a highly skilled team of operators, matched by state-of-the-art plant and equipment. We have consistently demonstrated an ability to satisfy our client’s needs, which is demonstrated by the high percentage of ongoing projects.

Key features in our performance ability are:

  • flexible operations
  • excellent communication between client and contractor
  • promoting consultative client/contractor partnerships
  • pro-active problem-solving methodologies
  • minimum client supervision

Environmental awareness and management practices

  • we take pride in our unique position to enhance the natural environment with sustainable and complementary, man-made developments
  • we understand the effect our work reshaping large areas of land can have on an area and its surrounds
  • we uphold consent compliance and other resource and regulatory standards through consultation with local authorities
  • we dispose of solid waste material responsibly and demonstrate the reclamation of usable resources in our environmental management practices

Quality assurance

We are able to offer assurances of quality to our clients on the basis of our Transit New Zealand-based TQS 1 quality system certification. This system specifically references an industry-recognised set of criteria for contracting work on roads. It is based on the ISO 9000 quality standard framework.

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