KB Contracting & Quarries Ltd operates two quarries at Miners Road opened in 1978 and McLeans Island opened in 2014. We also operate a supply yard on Maces Road. This gives us the ability to source and supply material resources for any construction project. Because we own and operate our own quarries we can guarantee the quality and supply of materials on any project we undertake. We pride ourselves on our ability to make any product as required in a timely turnaround.

Our quarries are operated by a crew of highly-skilled operators with experience in all aspects of quarrying. These crews are supported by modern and up to date equipment. We make maintenance of all plant and equipment a high priority and employ designated servicing engineers at our purpose built facilities at the Miners Road site.

 For more specific quotes call Rob Meates 0275936206 or Rob@kbc.co.nz

 Trade Accounts /  Hardfill Dumping

All of our sites are trade customers only, please download and complete our credit application form and return it to accounts@kbc.co.nz.

The process for approval can take up to 3 working days depending on the information supplied.

We are also a clean fill site for dumping, please read and sign the declaration form and return it as well.
It is your responsibility to check that your material is suitable for clean fill,
please refer to the Listed Land Use Register – https://llur.ecan.govt.nz/home. You may be required to obtain recent lab test results for HAIL sites.